Lukasz Butowski


Exhibition of fine art and lithography. Dealing with problems of human nature, mental and physical illnesses, love, hate, relations between people and everything else. In fact, the author is dealing with every problem of humanity and civilization at the same time. But primarily place author is creating images describing images from his personal life transformed into the metaphorical and symbolical form.

A series of printmaking graphics is made largely in lithography and in a lesser amount in other artistic graphic techniques.

The exhibition presents the author’s struggle with form and content. While the form of stone print likes to play various “tricks” that sometimes looks like a technological “Armageddon”, but still it’s always less important than content. The content of this exhibition, on the other hand, is the expression of emotional states of the author, but above all it is his notebook of the lifespan and observation of the world in which everything is too much. In this world, everything is in chaos and great confusion, and at the same time majestically and compulsively approaches the catastrophe.

The author analyses and explores the state of disaster in his work, which may never happen as well as the state of waiting for the end of the world to come.

Lukasz Butowski

Polish printmaking artist lives and works in Gdansk. Born in 1981. Graduate of the Academy of Fine arts and Design in Gdansk where he works from 2007 as a lecturer in lithography studio. From academic year 2016/17 Deputy Dean in Graphic Arts department of Gdansk Academy.

He deals with printmaking graphics, painting and graphic design and before all, with traditional lithography on the stone. Organizer of exhibitions and workshops promoting graphic art. He actively participates in conferences and symposia devoted to art and its issues.

Author of fourteen individual exhibitions and participant of several collective exhibitions and art shows. For example: International Print Triennial in Krakow in 2015 and 2018, Triennial of Polish Graphic Art in Katowice in 2015 and 2018, „Inner World” in Gallery KNU Kolarac, Belgrade (2017).

He likes to spend his free time observing the sea foam, collecting forest herbs and baking cakes.


The exhibition will be open until Dec.14th every day except Sunday from 10am to 8pm.