The British Council in London is in the final stage of the two-year Take Over Project, which is open until September 29th.

At this exhibition, all participants of the project, as well as audio, visual and printed documentation on project activities in the past two years, were presented. Kolarac Endowment, as a partner in the TAKE OVER Project, was successfully presented at this exhibition, with presentations of the programmes implemented by the Youth Board Kolarac.

In cooperation with the editorial team of Kolarac, young people were introduced with the way the institution work and they created new programmes with the goal to increase visibility of Kolarac Endowment and develop new audience.

The final activity of the Youth Board Kolarac was presented at the TAKE OVER FESTIVAL in November 2016. The Kolarac Endowment will continue its cooperation with the Youth Board through various programmes and activities until the end of the project, in September 2017.

TAKE OVER- the development of the audience is a project funded through the Creative Europe programme, which brought together the British Council (UK) as the carrier of the project, Bios (Greece), TheatrodellaLimonaia (Italy), Kolarac Endowment (Serbia) and Chorea Association (Poland).