Photos by Magdalena Pavlović

The sculpture exhibition of  by Marko Kresoja

Withdrawal from seriousness

With the properties of wood and the combination with other materials, I try to shape the other face of the world, one in which reality is sometimes distorted and twisted, to visually tell the anecdote of the times we live in and the relationships that exist in it. In the colorful mess of feelings, external and internal influences, in all that splendor of stupidity we are bombarded with daily, I try to discover a thread that connects everything into a three-dimensional satirical narrative, modelled intuitively and spontaneously. Imagination is from the same material as life itself, and therefore everything I perform with technical skill is not only the result of technical knowledge, but also one record of mysterious, multiple and sometimes incomprehensible experiences that I have lived through and which, while performing sculpture, I relive in a completely different way . The defiance of sculpture was created by the rejection of the conventional narrative, a world in which the whole picture of reality is to blame and where imperfection is the origin of language, which provides a vibrant and vital source of cultural commentary, both verbally and visually. The sculptures are completely silent in performance, movement and expression, and in that silence, their primary purpose is to, with their rhythmic simplicity and immediate expressiveness, linger around whoever is observing them.

Marko Kresoja was born in 1984 in Belgrade. He graduated in 2009 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, at the Sculpture Department, in the class of Professor Nikola Vukosavljević. Since 2015, he is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, art projects and art colonies in the country and abroad.




The exhibition will be open until Sept. 21st every day except Sunday from 10am to 8pm.