Sanja Momčilović

Jelena Pantelić

Livia Salai

The poetics of intimacy and loneliness, the isolation of a specific physical space and the post-digital recombination of virtual elements are different angles from which artists form the polygon of individual tendencies and thus confirm the only rule of modernity – pluralism as a unifier. The works insist on authorship and should be seen as a representation of the fragmentary nature of the specific geography of randomly suggested poetics. The artists accepted the proposition of the Kolarac Endowment Gallery to come together as winners of the main awards of the Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade for 2018.

Sanja Momčilović was born in 1986 in Pančevo. She completed her bachelor and master studies in painting in the class of Professor Mileta Prodanović in 2019. She has been awarded the “Rista and Beta Vukanović – Painters” Award for her results in painting. Since 2018, her work “Counterobelisk” has been permanently displayed at the exhibition at the Zepter Museum in Belgrade. She has exhibited in group exhibitions at home and abroad, and her works can also be found in public. In her work she deals with the topics of perception, with the interrelationship between digital and physical construction of an object and isolation through the allegory of abstract isometric space. The works “The House with the Roof on Four Waters” and “Martyr” belong to a series of works called “The House with the White Roof” and deal with memories collected over the lifetime of a certain physical space that no longer exists in its original form.

Jelena Pantelić was born in 1992 in Belgrade. She completed her bachelor and master studies at the Sculpture Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2019. As part of her master’s degree and as a  scholar of the French Government, she spent a semester at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. She is the winner  of the Sreten Stojanović Award for Achievement in Sculpture for 2018. She has exhibited at group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. The focus of her artistic practice is autobiographical narratives shaped through everyday interactions and through relationships with objects for everyday use. Dealing with subtle details from her own experience, elements of BDSM culture and transformation of the idea of intimacy and  closeness in a world of contemporary technologies, her work shows a specific interpretation of human behaviour, offering us a wider picture of the social context from the place where she creates. Her practice implies obsessive and disciplined methodology whose results are fetishized object actually processes. She uses sculpture and video as main media of expression.

Livia Salai was born in Subotica in 1994. She completed master studies in the class of Professor Vladimir Milanović. She received the greatest Award of the Graphic Art Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2018, and she also received “Marko Krsmanović” Award for innovative approach to Graphic Art in 2019. Salai exhibited at the group exhibition in the country and abroad. She represented Serbia and the Faculty of Fine Arts at the competition in Antwerp, in Belgium in 2019. She uses signs and shapes from the current video games of 21st century, combines them and creates unique composition that is basically narrative in its form. Her poetics is established on observation of personal unconscious in relation with the collective unconscious.

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