February 2019 – April 2020
Every morning I take a notebook to work.
I draw and I write. I follow and note down thoughts and feelings – through artistic elements. At 38×25 cm.
The text is not legible; the handwriting and text are an integral part of the drawing. The handwriting is an artistic element here.
The drawing and text are inseparable, and they form an artistic whole.
This is my visual diary.

“Touching the essence – that is the meaning of this diary; not so much a desire to record everything, but a kind of visit to myself, though very short. Are you there? I am. Thank God. So that it’s easier for me not to drown completely in the worries of my life. “
A. Šmeman, Diary

Jelena Ilić
She was born in 1973 in Zemun. She graduated in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2003. She received her Master’s degree in painting from the same faculty in 2008. She has been a member of ULUS since 2004. She has exhibited sixteen times independently and participated in several group exhibitions, in the country and abroad. She lives and works in Zemun.



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The exhibition will be open until July 15th – Mon-Friday 1pm to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 3pm.