Selfness presence


Various flows join in the same place at the same time in Zorana’s art work; alternate, usually interwine movements that differ the meaning of the image. It is never manichaeism, e.g. they are not presented simply. Zorana works with inner substance of psyche and insecure paths of subconsciousness. With her works she expresses field and framework in which visual parabolas take place. On that place, she shows maximum of common sense and action of instincts.
We may even duscuss Zorana’s artistic visual style, that is filled with moral strictness as if it comes from eternal dissatisfaction. That is the reason why she goes from one work to another, to the field of continual work, constant elaboration created of very precise combination of hands and mind. She does not surrender to the final result. Zorana knows that expression is achieved only by making the difference in creation of the visual and the invisible world. The great effort is necessary and systematic application of technique that lead to images happening beyond common observation. Creation of art is more important than pure form for Zorana because it expresses continual walk of the artist through its art.

Savo Peković


The exhibition will be open until Sept. 26th every day except Sunday from 10am to 8pm.