Kolarac Foundation has a new Youth Board, which will participate in the work of the Art Gallery over the next two years, which is a continuation of activities to develop the audience and help young people gain professional experience in working at the institution.

We have art historians, Jasmina Vukićević, Jovana Popović and Jefimija Đokić, in The Youth Board.


Culture of Art, History and Music is a very important phenomenon in society, which refreshes, educates and upgrades the cultural potential of people. As an art historian, I chose an institution that selflessly offers this cultural content and in whose gallery young artists have the opportunity to exhibit, affirming through their art of creation. It is a great honor for me to be part of the Youth Board and to have the opportunity to collaborate with the artists of our contemporary art scene through this experience, Jasmina Vukićević.




I am Jovana Popović, an art history student and pianist. Ever since childhood, art has made the deepest impact on me, its obvious and subtle messages making my imagination and love for it. In addition to art, I like to study and discover philosophy.




I would like to become more familiar with contemporary art flows in Serbia through my work at the Kolarac Foundation Youth Board. I believe that the creation and dialogue of art is one of the most important human activities, and that it depends on us, the cultural workers, to enable a quality gathering with it and as many people as possible, Jefimija Đokić.