The Keyboard Days Festival Belgrade was founded by pianists Sonja Lončar and Andrija Pavlović (LP Duo) in 2014. The festival was created as a need to present important international performers in the field of keyboards and new music to the wider audience.

The fourth edition of the festival  happens in the sign of cooperation with the Tokyo International Piano Festival with the performance of special guest, the Japanese pianist Aisa Ijiri (Steinway Artist), and the festival follows a series of workshops for young people “New Sounds – Serbia and Innovation.” The festival is organized by the New Art Center (CENU) with cooperation and support of Musicology Institute SASA, Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment, Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia and Erste Bank.

Thursday, Nov. 16th, Kolarac

Grol Hall at 12am

Youth Workshop – New Sounds – Serbia and Innovations

Promotion of hybrid piano and “Quantum music” project
Participants: Prof. Dragan Novković, LP Duo, PhD Ivana Medić

Digital Gallery at 3pm
 “Belgrade Sound Experience Laboratory  – how to compose and produce music”
Sound Engineers – Marko Peljević, Srđan Paković
Musicians: Sonja Lončar and Andrija Pavlović

Digital Gallery at  6pm
Lecture: “Science, Art and Philosophy: One and All”
Prof. Dragan Novković

The paths of science, philosophy and art, often interpreted as special and independent, are actually intertwined and rooted in the same starting points.

The main themes of the lecture are: what was the relationship between these disciplines through history, and how in the present time they are rapidly converging toward each other, as well as what is the position of the science of sound and music in all these matters.