In order to improve its cultural and educational activities, Kolarac Endowment created a permanent interactive exhibition The World of Sound in the space of the hall in front of the Concert Hall within the Project Museum of Acoustics in 2013. Interactive exhibits illuminating the phenomenon of sound with its mysterious and rich world – from the process of the physical unification to experiencing music in concert halls. Software solutions that enable visitors through the game, by adding or subtracting the individual instruments in an ensemble, knowing the role of each of them in the process of making music, and then checking the accuracy of the intonation and quality of their hearing singing major scale, etc.

Exhibition The World of Sound was created in such way as to lead visitor from the world of physics to the world of the experience of the listener.

Exhibition attracted so far great interest of the public with many visitors (tens of thousands), which represent an important contribution to the content and quality of the programme offered by Kolarac Endowment in the area of music and lectures. The interest was expressed by people of different social, educational and age profile (pupils, students and scientists involved in acoustics and sound phenomena, laities and non-academic public, as well as all others who have the need for new knowledge and continuous education).

The design and existence of the exhibition The World of Sound has been enabled by Erste Bank with its sponsorship and donations during the past three years.