Sale of tickets for the concert of Nemanja Radulović starts on Monday, January 8th at 10am.

You can book tickets from January 8th by phone 0652630550 or 0112630550 or over our website. Ticket prices – 3000 and 4000 rsd.

Nemanja Radulović and Double Sens will hold a concert on February 4th , which will mark two birthdays – traditionally Day of The Concert Hall of Kolarac Endowment and the 10th anniversary of the Double Sens Orchestra.

Before Belgrade, the same concert is scheduled in Paris, so the Orchestra consisting of  musicians from France and Serbia, celebrates this jubilee in two places.

The special thing about this concert is the promotion of the new compact disc recorded for Deutsche Gramophon in the Concert Hall of the Kolarac Endowment.

This concert will be held within the Kolarac Cycle – Your Music World organized by the Music Centre of the Kolarac Endowment in cooperation with MTS.