The first homeopathic portal in the Balkans – Balkanopathy is organizing the first tour of this kind on the topic of homeopathy in the region.

The guest of the tour is Ananda More, a homeopathic and film maker from Canada, author of the documentary film Magic Pills: Homeopathy – Promise or Placebo.


Gordana Jujić, homeopath, founder and editor of Balkanopathy

Ananda More, homeopath, author of the film Magical Pill – Homeopathy: help or placebo

Jelena Radojičić, homeopath, author of the first repertoire in the Serbian language ArsCura

The main goal of the tour is to raise awareness about the effectiveness of homeopathy, through content that includes:

– presentation of the previous work of the Balkanopathy team, informing about homeopathy and its effectiveness, about the condition of homeopathy in the region, ideas about the role of the portal and magazine in that field;

– presentation of the documentary film Magic Pills: Homeopathy – Promise or Placebo;

– presentation of the ArsCure repertoire and the idea of ​​future work on this plan;

– getting acquainted with the work of Anande More, both in connection with the film, as well as about her activities on the world homeopathic scene, as well as information about the state of homeopathy in the parts of the world she has visited;

– discussion on topics of interest to the audience.

More information –  here.

Tickets: 300 dinars