In the “Aleksandar Belić” Bookshop, you can buy Marijana Dujović’s book “Stanislav Binički”, published by Clio Publishing House and get the gift CD with the music of the local composers.


The offer lasts until the end of January.

“The book Stanislav Binički is the first monograph dedicated to this important person of the Serbian music culture. It represents the basis for interpretation as well as further research of the Serbian music culture from the first half of the 20th century.

This year marks 75 years since the death and 145 years since the birth of the Serbian composer, conductor and organizer of the music life of Stanislav Binički (1872-1942).

The monograph Stanislav Binički is a result of years of researching the creative path of this famous personality in the cultural life of Belgrade (and Serbia) of the first half of the last century. ”

From the review by Hristina Medić