A series of lectures in cooperation with the Group for Gravity, Particles and Fields of the Institute of Physics in Belgrade

Lectures will be organized over the Internet, using the  Zoom  platform

Recordings of all lectures will be posted on the YouTube channel LISTENING TO KOLARAC

Additional information:  http://www.gravity.ipb.ac.rs/kvantnafizika2021/

The lectures will be held in Serbian, but the viewers are welcomed to participate and ask questions in English, too.


Today, quantum physics is not only one of the basic pillars of modern science, but also of modern technology. Predictions of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory have been experimentally confirmed countless times, and with incredible precision. The formalism of quantum theory is clear and mathematically rigorous. Yet quantum physics is still today, perhaps more than ever, a mysterious field of science that defies our intuitions and forces us to rethink our most basic notions of the universe and reality in general. There are many reasons why the father of quantum mechanics, Nils Bohr, claimed that “whoever was not shocked when he encountered quantum theory, can be sure that he did not understand it”, and one of the greatest physicists of the second half of the 20th century, Richard Feynman, believed that it is “safe to say that no one understands quantum mechanics.”What does quantum physics tell us about the world we live in? How to understand quantum physics?

After the first, introductory lecture during which Dr. Igor Salom , from the Institute of Physics in Belgrade, will present an overview of the basic ideas of quantum physics and its difficult to understand aspects, a group of our top experts in this field, both from the country and abroad, will present through lectures, some of the most popular attempts to understand quantum theory – the so-called “interpretations” of quantum physics. A professor from Oxford, and a former student of the Mathematical Gymnasium, Vlatko Vedral, one of the most quoted physicists of Serbian origin and a great popularizer of quantum theory, will present a widespread view that quantum physics indicates the existence of an endless multitude of “parallel universes” in which there are countless copies of each of us. Professor of the University of Vienna and a graduate of the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade, Caslav Bruckner , a world-renowned name in the context of the most fundamental problems of quantum theory, also known for the variant interpretation of quantum physics he personally formulated, will discuss views that put the fundamental role of observers in physics. Our expert on the theory of relativity, Dr. Marko Vojinović, from the Institute of Physics in Belgrade, will present de Bruy-Bohm’s idea that quantum theory is understood using a hypothetical non-local “pilot wave”, but also point out the collision of this view with Einstein’s theory. Finally, another graduate of the Faculty of Physics and currently a professor at the University of Vienna, Borivoje Dakic , an expert in quantum optics and quantum information theory, will talk about trying to modify quantum theory so that the mysterious “wave function collapse” becomes a well-defined part of dynamic system evolution.

We invite all interested listeners to join us in lectures and discussions on this very interesting and dynamic field of research in fundamental physics.



Topic: How to understand quantum physics? 

PhD Igor Salom, Institute of Physics Belgrade
Time: Mar 30, 2021 06:00 PM Belgrade, Bratislava, Ljubljana

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Topic: Parallel worlds of quantum physics.

Professor Vlatko Vedral, University of Oxford
Time: Apr 6, 2021 06:00 PM Belgrade, Bratislava, Ljubljana

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Topic:  The role of an observer in quantum physics.

Professor Časlav Brukner, Universität Wien
Time: Apr 13, 2021 06:00 PM Belgrade, Bratislava, Ljubljana

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Topic: Nonlocality and hidden variables in quantum physics.

PhD Marko Vojinović, Institute of Physics Belgrade
Time: Apr 20, 2021 06:00 PM Belgrade, Bratislava, Ljubljana

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Topic: On collapse models in quantum theory.

Professor Borivoje Dakić, Universität Wien
Time: Apr 27, 2021 06:00 PM Belgrade, Bratislava, Ljubljana

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