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The body as an instrument combines body percussion technique with singing and techniques of contemporary theatre. Synchronization and coordination of different mental and physical capacities, breathing, concentration and musical skills are what we do through various exercises and games, forgetting the past and the future, and focusing at the present moment.

Enjoy working on yourself, in a safe and creative environment!

Instructors are Ana Vrbaški (singer, theatre performer, composer) and Marko Dinjaški (drummer, percussionist, theatre performer), members of the association “Open Circle Novi Sad”. The workshop is open to anyone eager to move and sing, no pre-knowledge is necessary.

The price of the workshop is 2000 dinars., and the package of four workshops is 6000 dinars.

The Workshops will be realized from 3pm to 6.30pm and the price is 2000 dinars.

Necessary equipment: comfortable clothes and footwear, notebook and pencil.

Contact telephone: 063/8700581 (Marko Dinjaški) or e-mail:

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