Belgrade Wind Orchestra


  1. I.Genić, V.Popović/ arr. A.Putarek: WELCOME TO BELGRADE – notice
  1. H.Mancini/ Meij: THE PINK PANTHER THEME;
  1. arr. M.Schneider: WALT DISNEY PICTURES – selection – Part Of Your World, Under The Sea, Beauty And The Beast, Friends Like Me;
  1. M.Morricone/ arr. Meij: MOMENT FOR MORRICONE – selection: “Addio a Cheyenne”, Theme ” Once upon a time in the West”, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”;
  1. arr. V.Kabec: JAMES BOND 007 selection – James Bond Theme, Diamonds Are Forever, From Russia With Love, For Your Eyes Only, Goldfinger;
  1. arr. W.Barker: HOLLYWOOD – selection – Thanks For The Memory (L.Robin, R.Rainger), Theme from Star Trek The Motion Picture (J.Goldsmith), Moon River (H.Mancini), Never on Sunday (M.Hadjidakis), Over The Rainbow (H.Arlen), Raiders March (J.Williams);

Guests (otherwise members) of the Belgrade Wind Orchestra: OLD HAT BAND

  1. F.Valli & B.Gandio/arr. R.Spasić: CAN´T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU (Lovac na jelene)
  2. M.Gibson /arr. R.Spasić: GREASE (Briljantin)

Dubravka Petrović, soloist

  1. D.Linde /arr. R. Spasić: BURNING LOVE (Lilo and Stitch)
  2. A.Williams /arr. R.Spasić: SHAKE YOUR TAIL FEATHER (Blues Brothers)

Aleksandar Aleksić, soloist

  1. A.L.Weber/arr.R.Sebregst: DON´T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA (Evita)

Dubravka Petrović, soloist

  1. L.Bernstein/arr.N.Iwai: WEST SIDE STORY – selection
  1. Ch. Francois /arr. M.Peeters: MY WAY

Dubravka Petrović, soloist

  1. arr. R.Sebregst: ABBA GOLD


Vladimir Mustajbašić

Aleksandar Đurov

Stefan Zekić

Dragana Jovanović


Production: Music Centre

Admission free