Due to great interest this year again in Belgrade, this time in Kolarac.
Audience will traditionally enjoy this emotional evening, not only in Belgrade, but also in Zagreb and Sarajevo. Renowned Sevdah Ethno Music singers Merima Njegomir, Enes Begović, Alma Subašić, Esad Kovačević, Svjetlana Vidović, Zanin Berbić, Elma Hadžić will present the beauty of Bosnian, traditional and city love songs to the audience accompanied by the special orchestra of the maestro Dinko Mujanović.

“That evening will be fulfilled with many nice emotions, both of the participants and audience. In that moment, we all breathe as one and the Orchestra of Dinko Mujanović is fabulous. Everything that is tradition of our people shouldn’t been forgotten. It should be transferred to future generation.. “, said Merima Njegomir.

Come to enjoy and sing the songs that leave nobody indifferent, such as, Mito bekrijo, Zajdi,zajdi, Tebi majko misli lete, Put putuje Latif aga, Čudna jada od Mostara grada, Lijepi li su mostarski dućani, Moj dilbere, Snijeg pade na behar na voće, Moj dilbere, Kad ja podjoh na Bembašu and many others – you can expect a concert for soul and memory.



Tickets: 1.200 and 1.500 din.

Tickets: TO Kolarac and Eventim System