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Ministarstvo kulture GRB ISPISI

Sekretarijat za kulturu grada beogradalogo

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center for science promotion

Kolarac -predavanjeThe Kolarac People's University, as a unique cultural institution started to work in 1932, in a newly erected building at Studentski trg. Since then the lectures have been continuously organised and the programme task of the Lecture Centre has remained unchanged. Its aim has always been to keep raising the level of general and specialised scientific knowledge of the audience and to satisfy its curiosity. It has also strived to encourage the responsibility of the society to systematically work on spreading knowledge and cultivating the attributes of its own cultural identity as well as the identity of other nations.

The activity of the Centre has currently been pursued through the work of 18 departments covering all the major areas of scientific and cultural creativity. Each department has its own council, composed of eminent experts in a particular area. The council departments have an active role in creating the programme, dealing with particular and universal themes based on the achieved level of scientific knowledge and on the current social or aesthetic criteria, which are implemented through a variety of forms: series of lectures, literary evenings and academies, talks and discussions, individual lectures, scientific and literary symposia and seminars.

Many famous writers, prominent authors in the world of science and art as well as eminent university professors participated in the programmes at Kolarac. They honoured the Kolarac Foundation and its audience by their presence and contributed to making those programmes a standard of value, a model of how tradition is respected and cultivated and how contemporary trends in all areas of creativity can be followed. Among them were Miloš Crnjanski, Ivo Andrić, Rabindranath Tagore, Tristan Tzara, Claude Simon, A. J. Ayer, Guenter Grass, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Jacques Derrida, and others.

In recent years, owing to the cooperation with the foreign cultural centres in Belgrade, the guests of the Kolarac Foundation were also: Alberto Tenenti, Georges-Henri Soutou, Alex Boraine, Jean-Francois Kahn, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Andrei Makine, Kenneth White, etc.

The Lecture Centre possesses extremely valuable documentary material and authentic sound recordings, which have been recorded since 1962, providing thus a picture of the times from which they originated, representing in this way precious testimony to the multi- decennial cultural and educational mission of the Kolarac People's University.
Within the Lecture Centre, the Kolarac People's University possesses a Library with a significant literary fund, consisting mainly of works of theoretical and scientific nature.


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The First 100 Lectures

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