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Ministarstvo kulture GRB ISPISI

Sekretarijat za kulturu grada beogradalogo

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center for science promotion


The Grand Concert Hall is used for various music programmes, concerts, formal academies, symposiums, expert conventions, multimedia programmes and video projections. Within the Grand Concert Hall there are also two recording studios that provide professional audio recordings of all programmes in the Hall.

Scene area: 130 m2
Stage capacity: a large mixed choir, a symphonic orchestra, two grand pianos and a harpsichord.
Auditorium capacity: 883 seats

Technical equipment:
- Main stage and back stage (shell)
- Wooden and plush curtains
- Two soloist and two orchestra dressing rooms
- Video projector
- Sound reproduction
- (wireless and stationary microphones)
- Sound card mixer
- Sound and video recordings of programmes
- Concert Hall lighting
- Two grand pianos: Steinway – D model
- Harpsichord : Neupert
- Projection screen
- Projection (portable) screen - smaller
- Choir props
- Various kinds of stage designs with elements of scene equipment: banners, rostrum, etc.

vd   sala








The Music Gallery space is used for exhibitions, formal gatherings, promotions, presentations and press conferences.

Gallery area: 100 m2
Gallery capacity: 80 seats that can be removed so that the space becomes a large salon.

Technical equipment:
• Grand piano: Steinway
• Equipment for setting the exhibits, paintings, sculptures, posters and promotional material
• Projection equipment
• Portable sound system



The Small Hall with the salon is located on the first floor. Today it is a multifunctional space. It is used for organising lectures, seminars, literary evenings, science and art promotions, discussions and forums. The Salon is suitable for breaks during conferences and seminars, as well as for gatherings and cocktails before and after programmes.

Hall capacity: 200 seats
Salon area: 34 m2

Technical equipment:
• Rostrum, desk and chairs
• Computer and video beam
• Whiteboard, projector and screen
• Sound reproduction and recording
• Technical booth with two seats for simultaneous interpreters
• Video and audio link with the Josif Pančić Hall which increases its capacity


msprazna salon msskica




Josif Pančić HALL

The Josif Pančić Hall is used for organising lectures, literary evenings, book presentations, public forums, expert symposiums and seminars. It is especially suitable for those who address small, expert audience, because of its smaller capacity.

Hall capacity: 100 seats

Technical equipment:
• Rostrum, desk and chairs
•Computer and video beam
•Board, projector and screen
•Sound reproduction and recording system
•Video and audio link with the Small Hall

Jpancic JPskica





Milan Grol HALL

The Milan Grol Hall is used for small-scale expert councils, seminars, workshops and courses, lectures and literary evenings. The advantage is the chamber atmosphere which enables interaction and a closer contact between the lecturer and the audience.

Continuous programmes are organised here by the Belgrade Youth Office within the project Info Room – free of charge service and advice for the young, as well as various educational programmes, seminars, workshops.

Capacity: 60 seats which can be removed to adapt the space to different purposes and needs of the users.

Technical equipment:
• Rostrum, desk and chairs
• Computer and video beam
• Portable sound system
• Sound reproduction and recording
• Portable projection screen


Grol1 Grol2 Grol3








Each of these places has been adapted into multipurpose rooms. They are used for learning foreign languages, exam preparatory courses and other types of courses.

Library capacity: 25 seats
Classroom capacity: between 10 and 25 seats

Technical equipment:
• whiteboard
• CD player
• Portable sound system


BOOKSHOP Aleksandar Belić

Aleksandar Belić Bookshop has been oriented, since the very beginning of its work, to selling books concerning philology, linguistics, literary and art theory, history, philosophy, social sciences and art. The Bookshop also offers a great choice of foreign language learning manuals, manuals for learning Serbian as a foreign language, dictionaries, and grammar books. It boasts a rich array of journals and magazines related to literature and social sciences. There are also publications that accompany the programmes of the Lecture Centre and the Music Centre.


knjizara1  knjizara2 










A special advantage of the Art Gallery is the daylight illumination.

Gallery area: 90 m2
Exhibition space area: 200 m2

Technical equipment:
• Equipment for setting exhibits
• Functional lighting
• Video and sound equipment


The entrance hall limited by the cloakroom, the hall leading to the Grand Concert Hall as well as the gallery above the central hall of the Foundation can be all used as exhibition space.

Exhibition space area: 735 m2


hol1 Hol1 skica Hol2 galerijaiznadhola